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Want to stay safe and protect your team mates?

Look great and responsible on board, protect your co-skiers, get your own Mask NOW!

This spring has been all, but not what the water ski community had expected. Covid-19 did severely hit our sport. We are now so happy to be back on the water!

Many skier around the world have been forced to start the season late, in some countries water skiing is still restricted, competitions have been canceled. Club owners, coaches and ski schools are waiting for their clients who are blocked behind borders.

Luckily in the meantime authorities allow us training again, thought under the strict respect of hygienic rules and social distancing concepts.

We have now created these amazing SWISS WATERSKIER Masks to contribute to our all safety and ensure the protection of all. We aim to avoid our clubs to close again and want to be a positive example to our sport, to all our fans, sponsors and contributors.

Do you want to support my water-ski training financially, while contributing to the safety of all and while LOOKING AWESOME?

Than Buy your mask now right here.

Just send me an email to, and I'll arrange for your masks, which will be delivered in 4 business days to your place. I'll charge you 36 CHF for each mask, inkl. delivery by post to am address in Switzerland.

In all transparency, my production costs incl. delivery are 20 CHF. Which means that each purchase contributes with CHF 16 to my training, equipment or travel. I trust this is fair. Payment can be done via bank transfer or paypal (details via email)

BTW, if you wish masks with you own design just let me know and we'll make it happen

Common, lets be safe and look good at the same time!!

Yours, Henri!


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